ATC Income Tax: If Sequels Work for Movies, Why Not TV Commercials?


The Latest Commercials for ATC Are a Continuation of Last Year’s Story.

ATC Income Tax is a tax preparation company based in Atlanta. I've been writing and producing TV commercials for them for years, ever since they were an agency client.

You may recall one of my older blog posts: How a Two Year Old Kid Took Over My Video Shoot.

This year, they came up with an interesting idea—why not bring back the actors we used last year and continue telling the same story?

In last year's commercial, we showed three couples at a dinner party comparing tax refunds. You can check it out here:

According to ATC, they got a lot of positive comments about this commercial, so they wanted to bring the same actors back for more.

We ended up producing two new commercials.

The first one features Steve and Cynthia, the couple that didn't use ATC last year. In this year's spot, we see Steve working on his taxes, and his wife reminds him what happened last year.

You can check it out here:

But wait, there's more. In a second commercial, Steve calls his buddy Darryl to find out where he did his taxes.

Here's that one, too:

The new commercials begin airing in Atlanta this week.

A big THANK YOU to David Gherezgher at ATC for the great idea and for continuing to work with Content Puppy. Also, thank you to the Atlanta actors who made this all work—Andrew Rodriguez, Jennifer Keister, Jason Williams and Shari Perkins.

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