Cause Marketing: How Video Made an Impact for the Podcast World Tour.

They Started Out Wanting to Promote a Good Cause, and Ended up Winning an Appreciation Award.

I've written several posts about using video to promote causes and nonprofit organizations. Past examples include the Global Youth Ambassador Program, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

But recently, I produced a video for the Auditory Verbal Center that seems to have connected with a lot of people.

Today, I'd like to tell you the rest of that story.

Here's the International Podcast Day Gratitude Award

I actually created two different videos for the Auditory Verbal Center. One for their website, which I wrote about last month, and the other for the Podcast World Tour, posted above.

Podcast World Tour

The Podcast World Tour is the brainchild of some podcasting friends of mine—Michael Moore and Rich Casanova. They're the ones that asked me to work on AVC in the first place.

A few weeks ago, they sent the Podcast World Tour video to the organizers of International Podcast Day. And then something amazing happened.

The organizers started talking about the importance of helping deaf kids, and played the video on their podcast.

Then at the end of the video, the three of them sat in silence, too choked up to speak.

The Power of Emotion

They went on to thank the Podcast World Tour for the important work they're doing, and announced they were awarding them with the International Podcast Day Appreciation Award—only the third time they've given that award in ten years.

Soon after, my friends got a phone call. There was a podcasting convention in Atlanta that weekend, and they were given a booth and free tickets to the event.

I've written before about the power of emotion—how it connects with people on a deeper level. In this rare instance, we got to see that happen in real time.

Thank you to Michael Moore and Rich Casanova for the opportunity to work on these videos, and of course to Debbie Brilling at the Auditory Verbal Center for the tremendous work they do.

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