Check Out This Event Video: The 2019 Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade.

After Designing a New Lightweight Rig For Shooting Event Videos, I Couldn't Wait To Try It Out.

Event videos can be really difficult to shoot—especially when you have to carry a lot of camera gear and cover a lot of ground.

I had been using my go-to camera setup to shoot events for a couple of years, and had often experienced achy back muscles to show for it. Imagine carrying that whole rig around the Georgia World Congress Center for a couple of days.

That's when I decided to design a new lightweight rig specifically for events.

My usual camera rig wasn't designed for portability.My Old Rig Wasn't Designed for Portability.

My usual camera rig is a Benro aluminum tripod with an Edelkrone Slider (I like to move the camera), a Panasonic GH5, and a SmallHD 5" camera monitor. 

If shooting sound, add a Rode shotgun mic, clamp mount, and a Tascam DR70D digital recorder.

I have no idea what it all weighs, but know it's too heavy to carry around a trade show for any length of time.

My new rig is lighter in weight and perfect for events.My New Rig Uses a Gimbal and Monopod.

After getting a new gimbal a few months ago—a Zhiyun Crane 2—I came up with the idea of using it for events. It's a really solid gimbal, with room on the handle to attach my SmallHD monitor and a Rode stereo mic.

I also attached a Benro monopod to the base. It has a small tripod on its base, so I can rest it on the floor when I'm not moving. 

With the monopod extended, I can even hold it up in the air (camera on a stick) to see over crowds and get high POV shots.

I can also incorporate audio gear when needed—my Tascam DR70D can go between the gimbal and the monopod.

Next up: the Atlanta International Night Market, and Taste of Chamblee. Both of those events are next weekend.

Check Out Other Event Videos.

This video for the Beltline Lantern Parade was just one of the events I've shot with this new rig. That same weekend, I also shot Taste of Buckhead and the Kirkwood Wine Stroll.

Those videos will be coming soon. Hope you enjoy.


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