Wheels4Walls Integrated Campaign Wins at the Addy and AMY Awards.

Congratulations to Integrated Marketing Communications Agency Jackson Spalding for the Stellar Work and for Helping to Fight Homelessness.

Late last year I got a call from Mike Martin at Jackson Spalding. They were doing some pro bono work for a local homeless shelter, and asked me to produce a video for them.

What a great opportunity! And it was for a good cause.


Introducing Wheels4Walls

The homeless shelter, called Our House, focuses their efforts on homeless children and families. They have two different locations in Atlanta.

Their latest fundraising idea is called Wheels4Walls. It turns out that a big part of the homeless program in Georgia is families that live in their cars. 

Wheels4Walls would encourage volunteers to raise money by signing up sponsors, and spending a night in their car. I would be shooting video during the event, and spending the night in my car as well.

Wheels4Walls raised money to help fight homelessness.My First Night Shoot

A few weeks later, I arrived at the first Wheels4Walls fundraiser—in a church parking lot near the King Center. I started shooting time lapse around 5 pm, and watched as dozens of cars pulled in.

After the sun set and the street lights came on, I started interviewing the participants. There were several people there from the homeless shelter, as well as students from Georgia State.

The entire video was lit by a single street light, at the end of the parking lot. It gave the entire scene a warm, golden glow. I kept most of the background lights out of focus.

Jackson Spalding's Wheels4Walls campaign won Addy as well as AMY awards.Award Show Wins

Jackson Spalding created a brochure and website for Wheels4Walls, and designed the logo as well. Then they entered their work, along with my video, into various award shows as an integrated campaign.

They won silver at the 2019 Addy Awards, and then a few weeks later, they won at the American Marketing Association—an AMY grand prize for best non-profit marketing.

Congratulations to Mike Martin and his team at Jackson Spalding, and to Diane Douglass at Our House. Thank you for allowing Content Puppy to participate.



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