Could This Video Help Rid the World of Unsafe Drinking Water?

When I Heard This Breakthrough Idea For Purifying Drinking Water in Third World Countries, I Just Had to Get Involved.

Unsafe drinking water is a MUCH bigger problem than most people realize.

According to the World Health Organization, 289,000 children age 5 and under die each year because of unsafe water. One newborn baby dies every minute.

And when areas are devastated by hurricanes and other natural disasters, the problem gets worse.

There are plenty of organizations working on this problem. Samaritan's Purse, for example, raises money to build wells and filtration systems in third world countries.

But about a year ago, I met a guy named Arthur Freeman. He said his team had developed a new method for purifying water. A way to kill pathogens and remove diseases like E. Coli, Cholera and Legionella.

And get this—he said his new method can do it WITHOUT ELECTRICITY.

Purxe Technology can deliver pure, safe drinking water without power.Purification Without Power?

You see, purifying water is relatively easy with power to run pumps and filtration machines. But in developing countries and disaster zones—places that need safe drinking water the most—electricity is usually unavailable.

That's what made this new idea so appealing. In theory, Arthur could build filters anywhere. He already had the product designs and the patents.

All he needed now was a video to tell his story.

Cause Marketing Video

Purxe Technology is an innovative approach to water purification.

A few days later, I arrived at the home of Henry Grage. He's a biochemist and molecular biologist, and one of Arthur's partners. 

I set up a white backdrop in Henry's living room, along with lighting and the rest of my gear. And an hour later, had all the footage I needed to start editing the Purxe Technology story.

Obviously, this was produced on a start-up budget, so my options for B Roll were somewhat limited. I found stock videos and photos that came in useful, and animated some graphics for the rest.

A big thank you to Arthur Freeman and Henry Grage for bringing me this opportunity, and to Michael Moore for yet another new business introduction.

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