Event Marketing: How I Created an Event Video Weeks Before the Event.

One of the Perks of Being a Video Client Is Having Footage Available for the Next Project.

Last year I created a TV campaign for Farmview Market. Located about an hour from Atlanta, in Madison, GA, Farmview is a really interesting retail concept—a specialty grocery store, full-service butcher shop, farm-to-table cafe, and open-air farmer's market, all under one roof.

I remember last year when I first started work on the Farmview campaign, they were hosting a Barbecue Competition that weekend. So with research in mind, I decided to drive to Madison that Saturday, and experience Farmview (and their barbecue) for myself.

BBQ competitors started setting up before daybreak.Might as well take my camera

I figured if I'm driving to experience a BBQ Competition an hour away, I may as well go whole hog. So I hit the road early, and took some camera gear along as well.

Never know when you'll get usable footage.

I ended up arriving in Madison just before sunrise. Some of the BBQ competitors were already setting up on the farmer's market side. I set up my camera out front, in time to get a sunrise time lapse shot.

A little later, the sun made it over the trees, giving the BBQ smokers a nice, warm glow. I also liked the way it was back lighting the thick smoke in the air—at that point I started shooting in slo-mo.

Lots of footage I didn't need—until now

Here it is a year later. They asked me about doing a promo for their Third Annual Southern Classic BBQ Competition. 

I said, "Great idea! I happen to have some footage."

I managed to use this sign from last year, with a little After Effects work.

So I finally had a reason to go through those files. I really liked the slow-mo shots with morning sun and len flares.

I was even able to use this shot of the Farmview sign, shot last year. All I had to do was fix the date—I changed 8/25 to 8-24 in After Effects.

So if you're an event marketer, my advice to you is to film your event. Or hire someone like me to do it.

You never know when that footage will come in handy.


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