How Storytelling Can Make Social Media Posts More Effective.

Justin Conley juggling flaming batons.

A Facebook Video Is A Great Way To Tell Your Story in Social Media—But It Has To Be Short and Simple.

When Kyo Flow Duo performed at the Atlanta International Night Market, I got some incredible footage. Of course, that should be no surprise—you can't get more visually interesting than fire jugglers with flaming swords, hoops, batons and nunchucks.

A Facebook Video About Fire Jugglers?

I shot everything in slow motion, with a gimbal, so I was able to circle around while they performed, with a constantly moving camera.

Christy Conley performing with flaming hula hoop.

Then six months later, they performed again at the second International Night Market. Once again, I got some great footage. And I only needed a few seconds of it for the Night Market video.

Creating a Facebook Video

Recently, I was finally able to put that footage to good use. I created a Facebook video for Kyo Flow Duo—also known as Justin and Christy Conley.


 They're such a cute couple. Quirky, but cute. It turns out Justin started juggling nunchucks seven years ago, and Christy specialized in flaming hoops. With so much in common, of course they ended up together. And now they've been married for two years.

The video is a mix of performance and interview footage. In a little over a minute, you get the excitement of their act, as well as a touch of their personality.

Check it out:












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