How I Helped Cupid Crew Deliver Joy on Valentine's Day.

An Amazing Nonprofit Called Wish of a Lifetime Handed Out 30,000 Roses in 300 Cities—And I Was There To Film Some of Them.

We've all heard the old saying that it's better to give than to receive. Well if you ever need proof of that, check out the video I recently shot for Wish of a Lifetime.

A nonprofit organization based in Denver, Wish of a Lifetime supports and cherishes our older generations, and looks for creative ways to fulfill senior citizens' dreams and tell inspirational stories.

Cupid-Crew-hugIntroducing Cupid Crew 

For example, on Valentine's Day each year, they organize "Cupid Crew”—volunteers in some 300 cities that deliver roses to shut-ins.

This year, I was fortunate enough to take part.

I visited six different assisted living facilities in the Atlanta area, from College Park to Marietta, capturing the joy on seniors' faces as they were handed a beautiful rose.

Many of these seniors don't have any family and don't get many visitors. So when this group of perky social workers shows up with buckets full of flowers, well, you can imagine the reaction.

Run & Gun Video Production

Shooting Cupid Crew was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, mainly because of the locations. Some of the retirement facilities were dimly lit with few windows. And of course, our Cupid Crew had multiple volunteers handing out flowers at the same time. 

Very few of the shots were "staged." I think capturing seniors being handed flowers, including their actual reactions, made the video and the emotion much more authentic.

About halfway through the morning, I started filming in slow motion. I really like how slowing down the action accentuates their expressions and augments reality.

A big thank you to Jeremy Garver and Jared Bloomfield with Wish of a Lifetime. They've already asked me about filming again next year.

Who knows? Maybe this will become a Valentine's Day tradition.

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Cupid Crew gave out over 30,000 roses in one day.


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