How the GFMA is Bringing Fresh, Healthy Food to Low Income Neighborhoods.



Hopefully, Their New Just Food Pop-up Markets Will Help Solve Georgia's "Food Desert" Problem.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food deserts are defined as low-income areas located more than one mile from a reliable source of fresh vegetables and other healthy foods.

And according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, nearly 2 million Georgia residents live in a food desert.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The Georgia Farmers Market Association has created a new program called "Just Food Markets."


Portable, Pop-up Markets

They're working with local farmers to organize small pop-up farmer's markets in various Georgia communities. Prices will be on a sliding scale, so people who can afford it pay a little more, to offset costs for the less affluent.

They also created a video encouraging people to sign up as food advocates. That's when Content Puppy  got involved.



Early Morning Production

To create the video, we shot Sagdrina Jalal, Executive Director of the GFMA, as well as food displays at a local farmer's market. 

In both cases, I took advantage of the early morning sun, and its natural, golden light. It gave the fresh produce (as well as Sagdrina) a nice, healthy glow.

Thanks again to the Georgia Farmers Market Association for the fun project. And good luck as you expand Just Food Markets into more Georgia communities.

Everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy food.


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