Manufacturing Video: If 'How It's Made' Can Do It, Why Can't You?

People Are Naturally Curious About How Things Are Made. So Why Not Add a Factory Tour Video to Your Website?

Are you familiar with 'How It's Made'? It's a TV series on the Science Channel that started in 2001, and is still going strong.

Each episode shows how everyday products are made. Bowling balls, candy canes, Oreo cookies—you name it.

'How It's Made' is a popular TV show on the Science Channel.And I have to say, it's downright fascinating to watch.

The machines. The robotics. The conveyor belts. All the intricate steps that go into the manufacturing process for just about any type of product.

'How It's Made' is also a YouTube channel, with 559,000 subscribers, and over 114 million views. So obviously, manufacturing videos are extremely popular among consumers. 

Factory Tour Videos

So how hard (and expensive) is it to shoot a manufacturing video? Honestly, not expensive at all. In fact, that's probably why 'How It's Made' has been on the air for so long.

I produced my first manufacturing video about ten years ago, for Beaulieu of America. And more recently, I shot a project for Kelly Products, including packaging for Sevin® brand insecticide products.

You can see them both here, on my website.

Georgia Manufacturing AllianceGeorgia Manufacturers

Are there companies in Georgia that could do manufacturing videos? Absolutely.

I recently met Jason Moss. He's the Founder and CEO of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. And according to him, there are THOUSANDS of manufacturers in our state.

Many of them offer live factory tours. Hopefully, one of them will give Content Puppy a call.

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