Cause Marketing: Why I Spent Another Cold, Sleepless Night In My Car.

Would You Spend the Night In Your Car To Help Fight Homelessness?
I Did—And I've Got This Video To Prove It.

If you're a regular reader, you may recall l shot a video last year called Wheels4Walls, about people raising money for a local homeless shelter. That video, their website and brochure won some marketing awards last year.

I got that project thanks to Mike Martin, the Executive CD at Jackson Spalding.

So of course I was pleased when Mike called back—and asked me to do it again.

Wheels4Walls is kind of a group sleep-in event.What is Wheels4Walls?

Wheels4Walls is a textbook example of Cause Marketing—a fundraising event for a specific type of homelessness.

You see, when most people hear the word "homeless," they imagine someone sleeping on a park bench or under an overpass. But in reality, the majority of people experiencing homelessness end up sleeping in their cars.

Entire families live this way, sleeping all night inside a cramped vehicle, parked in some secluded parking lot.

It isn't safe. And I can tell you from experience, it isn't comfortable either.

How Does It Raise Money?

Wheels4Walls works kind of like a walk-a-thon. Each participant signs up potential donors—friends, relatives, neighbors—that pledge to give money.

Then they all sleep in their cars, together, in the same parking lot (under the watchful eye of Atlanta PD), so those pledges will write checks.

Our House is a homeless shelter that focuses on families.Another Year, Another Video

This year's video is similar to last year's. I interviewed participants standing in a parking lot. Only this year, it was colder. And rainier. And even more miserable.

I think this year's video more informative, too. They talk about the homeless shelter, Our House, and its services for homeless families.

Thank you once again to Mike Martin and Jackson Spalding for inviting me once again to help out a great cause.

It was just as miserable as I remember. But also rewarding.

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