On-the-Street Interviews: Scenes From the Kirkwood Wine Stroll 2019.

It's An Annual Event Where Everyone Has a Great Time. And I've Got the Video to Prove It.

Every year, the Kirkwood Business Owners' Association sponsors the Kirkwood Wine Stroll. It's a great way for them to connect with friends, and raise funds to help beautify the neighborhood and benefit local nonprofits.

As a member of KBOA, Content Puppy was also a sponsor of this year's event.

For this year's video, I interviewed Wine Strollers.Kirkwood Wine Stroll 2019

For this year's video, I not only captured the fun and excitement of the event, I interviewed some of the Wine Strollers.

For example, Sagdrina Jalal here, from the Georgia Farmers Market Association.

Capturing sound was a little difficult with the music blaring in the background (no offense DJ Tiny).

In fact, I used two different microphones, just to be safe.

I had my RODE Stereo Videomic Pro on the left side of my rig, and an NTG1 shotgun mic on the right. I thought the shotgun mic would filter out more of the background noise.

Turns out, the Videomic Pro delivered better sound.

Anyway, it was a fun evening. Tickets were sold out weeks in advance. And we pulled in Wine Strollers from all over Metro Atlanta.

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