Political Video: Using Storytelling and Narrative to Help Differentiate a Candidate.

Every Politician Has a Story Tell. The Secret is Telling It in a Way That Connects With Voters.

Marketers often talk about authenticity—establishing a brand and telling memorable brand stories with a consistent voice and personality.

Well, political advertising is pretty similar. Only in this case, the brand personality is already established. It's made up of the beliefs, character and history of the candidate.

And the storytelling is the same, only in politics, it's called a "narrative."

What's a Narrative?

Most politicians will have a storyline, or narrative, that they follow in their advertising and in their speeches. Donald Trump, for example, talked about "Rebirth"—the story of making America great again. Bernie Sanders's story was "Fighting the Monster,"—taking on the evils of Wall Street, and the millionaires and billionaires.

John Eaves brand story is about fulfilling the dreams of his grandfather.In politics, these narratives are strategically created. The idea is to emphasize the candidate's strengths and where they intersect with the wants and needs of the voters.

Fulfilling a Dream

In the case of John Eaves, who's currently running for Congress in Georgia's District 07, his narrative is about fulfilling the dreams of his grandfather.

His grandfather, Cecil, immigrated to America many years ago, from Jamaica. He dreamed of becoming a doctor, helping people, and giving back to his community.

John's grandfather, Cecil, never got a chance to vote.But Cecil never realized those dreams. He never became a doctor. He never even got to vote. And he faced a lifetime of racial prejudice and religious persecution.

John Eaves for Congress

John Eaves has already fulfilled many of those dreams. He's already a doctor (a PhD) and he's been involved in public service his whole life.

We'll have to wait and see how his future campaign videos continue this narrative, and if he's able to connect with the voters of District 07.

Many thanks to the candidate, John Eaves, for working with us to produce your campaign launch video. Best of luck in the campaign!

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