What the Latest Statistics Reveal About Video Marketing.


If You've Been Thinking About Adding Video To Your Marketing Efforts, You Should Check Out These Facts.

Whether you're a brand manager, CMO at a large company, or a business owner looking to increase sales, video is the best marketing tactic you could possibly choose.

Of course, I'm a video producer. I'm a little biased. So don't take my word for it—check out the latest statistics about video marketing. They're pretty eye opening.

Content Puppy was named Best Video Agency by DesignRush in 2018.Video is Growing. Fast.

First of all, Cisco has projected over 80 percent of all Internet traffic worldwide will be video by 2021. In the US, the percentage will be even higher. 

Consumers are watching video more, so they will expect to see it on every site they visit—including yours.

Another interesting fact—there's no direct correlation between company size and number of videos produced. Many small and medium-sized companies are outproducing their larger competitors.

What a way to level the playing field!

Videos Are Getting Shorter

While some videos such as webinars can be 20 minutes or more in length, the vast majority of business videos on YouTube are two minutes or less.

That's smart—according to Ad Age data, 60 percent of consumers stop watching a video after two minutes.

On social media, videos are even shorter. According to HubSpot, the optimal video lengths on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds, respectively.

Do You Prefer Video Or Reading?

For years, consumers have been reading less and watching video more. 

According to one study, FOUR TIMES more people will watch a YouTube video about a product than will actually read the owners manual.

The same is true for senior business executives. When given a choice between watching a video presentation and reading text, 6 out of 10 will watch the video.

The Most Popular Video Types

The most popular types of video being posted by business are Product Videos and Demonstration Videos.

The industries that post the MOST videos: High Tech, followed by Professional Services and Media & Entertainment.

Want to know more? 

There are plenty of other statistics that can directly impact your marketing efforts. And your decision making.

For example, video increases landing page conversions. It increases clickthrough and open rates on email. It generates more retweets on Twitter. It increases time spent on web pages. 

To find out how much, download our FREE Video Marketing Infographic. The answers are all there.

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