What's the Secret to Producing Affordable, Hassle-free Video?

With the right planning and equipment, an experienced storyteller can make any production seem simple.

Working With an Experienced Storyteller and Producer Makes a Big Difference.

Content Puppy has been in business now for a little over three years. That makes us one of the newer video production companies in Atlanta. But ironically, we're also one of the most experienced.

How is that possible? 

The owner of Content Puppy, Harry Hayes, spent years working on a wide range of consumer and B2B brands.

Content Puppy was recently recognized as Best Video Agency by DesignRush.

As a writer and creative director in various advertising agencies, he worked on BellSouth, AT&T, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, InterContinental Hotels, Turner Sports, Intel, McKesson, Hitachi and CDW.

And now, Content Puppy has been recognized as a Top Video Marketing Company on DesignRush, as well as one of the Best Video Agencies.

What Does That Mean To Our Clients?

It means you're working with a reliable and experienced storyteller who can guide you through the production process, every step of the way.

Not just a production guy—someone who understands marketing and strategy and can help position products, develop concepts, and create content, quickly and cost effectively.

Here's an example. In the above production photo, you see a TV commercial in production. We had six actors, a home location, and two cameras, creating a dinner party scene for ATC Income Tax.

This commercial was written, shot, edited and trafficked to various television stations in less than two weeks, with a total budget under $10,000.

Imagine what we could do for your business.

What Can An Experienced Storyteller Do For You?

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