You Should Do More Content Marketing During the Coronavirus Crisis.


While Consumers Are Self Quarantining and Social Distancing, They're Craving Video More Than Ever.

The Coronavirus outbreak has everyone on edge. People are stuck at home, working remotely, and avoiding crowds. Schools are closed. Restaurants are closed. Sports events are cancelled.

So what are people doing to take their mind off their fear and anxiety?

They're watching videos—on their phones, their TVs and their laptops. Even more videos than usual.

Video Consumption is Up

Need proof? Look at today's news. Netflix just announced that they're throttling down streaming quality in Europe for the next month, due to unprecedented usage.

We specialize in small one-man productions.

So many videos are being consumed, they're worried it could break the Internet.

In other words, video demand is high. So shouldn't video supply begin to increase?

If you're a marketer or business owner, why just hunker down and wait for the crisis to pass when you can use this opportunity to connect with more customers?

Doesn't it make more sense to give people what they want right now—more content?

Contextual Content

One of the main goals of content marketing is to connect with people. Show you care. Empathize. 

That's even easier than usual during the Coronavirus crisis. Right now, people have even more in common with each other. We share the same fears. The same anxieties. We're all in this together.

With that in mind, imagine stories that use that context. 

Stories about neighbors helping neighbors. Communities coming together.

Don't Just Inform. Inspire.


This week, I've seen facebook posts about workers at a local craft brewery offering to drop beer off on people's porches. Neighbors preparing meals for elderly shut-ins. Chefs with closed restaurants who are willing to cook for friends.

These could be heartwarming, likable (and shareable) videos.

Obviously, we can't film productions involving groups of people—but we can shoot individuals.

Business owners. Marketers. Healthcare providers. We can still tell smaller stories.

And yes, we can do it while standing six feet apart.

So do you have any inspirational or entertaining stories to tell? Stories about people helping people or communities coming together?

Your audience is waiting.

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